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Ban and flight suspensions you need to know in all countries. (Related to Covid-19 and Omicron)

by Garima Shahdeo

It’s two years now in a row, and the world is still struggling with this hazardous virus called coronavirus or covid 19. In the world, there are almost 41,689,459 active cases (changes every day). It has affected the lives of people and at the same time affected the companies/business sectors.

As the world was coming back to normal and started giving relaxations, unlatch their border restrictions, a new variant of coronavirus named omicron is reported in South Africa. As a result, the countries are closing their doors again, and it has also led to the ban and suspension of many flights all over the world. Here is up-to-date news of the flights but don’t forget to double-check the news as the government can change their rules on short notice.


As per the latest report, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said all the scheduled international flights will be suspended till 31st January due to the rising coronavirus cases.


If you are looking to travel to the U.K. then it’s good news for you as the British government has loosened the restrictions. You just need to isolate yourself on arrival to England till you receive a negative covid 19 report.


No new vaccinated travel lane (VTL) flight tickets will be sold by the airlines till January 20 to travel to Singapore. This rule is also implemented for those traveling through land VTL i.e from Singapore to Malaysia. Travelers from China and Australia will require entry approvals to travel to Singapore.


Due to the sudden increase of cases of omicron coronavirus variant, Hong Kong has banned flights from eight countries including India. Other countries are the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, France, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The ban is for two weeks, from 8th to 20th January.


Germany has banned all flights from South Africa because of omicron, the new covid 19 variants. Only people with German nationals are allowed to come back to Germany.

These are the latest reports as of now. It’s advisable to check the details before planning any trip. You should follow all the safety measures to prevent yourself from the infectious coronavirus

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