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Best Gift Hampers that you should definitely shop in Gurgaon.

by Garima Shahdeo

The perfect balance of sugar & spice together, just exactly how your taste buds are, when you eat something spicy and then you need a dessert to balance it up, here we present you.

Baketitude based out in Gurgaon owned by an army wife, Shalini Digvijay, specializes in gift hampers,
cakes, desserts, bread, and a lot of sweet & spice savory goodies like Makana’s, granolas, and a lot of cool stuff,
that you should definitely check out on her page which stands out from regular.

Shalini, started her journey 25 years back, as a hobby which did turn into an everlasting passion for her for baking.
She learned and got trained at the School of European Pastry, Mumbai as a Pastry Chef. Shalini also wrote an award-winning blog for TGE same name documenting and perfecting her recipes.

Relocated in Delhi NCR, ever since then she’s serving the most delicious yum stuff to her clients keeping a
perfect balance between sweet, spice, and everything nice.

Shalini specializes in gift hampers, she’s doing amazingly beautiful seasonal hampers for all the seasons,
for Teej she’s doing a hamper which consists of a beautiful golden lotus tray with a touch of spice and sweetness, includes salsa jars of 350 ML, all eggless and packed with intact strong sustainable packaging.

  1. Baked Masala Mathri,

2. Spiced/salted almonds,

3. Savory chakhna granola,

4. Florentine,

5. Almond biscotti,

6. Ghee magaz cookies.

For Rakhi she’s doing 3-4 types of Hampers also, she’s willing to customize the hampers according to a client’s necessity.

  1. A mocha mousse dessert tub,

2. Rose Pista Dessert tub,

3. Rasmalai Tub,

4. Spicy Granola,

5. Sweet Granola,

6. A coffee Mug,

7. Some Rakhi’s,

A separate very cute and yum fudge brownies box topped with biscoff.

The second hamper consists of.

  1. Supercute evil eye Rakhi,
  2. Roli & Moli.
  3. Super yum vanilla cake with the nuts loaf.
  4. Smoles paprika Lavas Cream Cheese,
  5. Herbs Dip Savoury Granola,
  6. Chocolate Chip Cookies/nan Khatai.
  7. Almond biscotti.

We don’t think you have heard anyone doing such beautiful and versatile work with hampers and desserts, plus the amount of uniqueness, curation, and specifications involved in each and every hamper she does, shows how creatively and thoughtfully they are designed and we believe you should definitely give it a try, we are mentioning her details below, do contact her for the most stunning and amazing work she does and do check out her page for more options.

You can place your orders online and offline, you can send her a DM on her official Instagram platform which we are linking here and can also contact her on this number https://www.instagram.com/baketitude/?hl=en

Whatsapp/Call : 7696518800.

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