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Best Healthy Handcrafted Ice-creams Artiste made of Jaggery & honey.

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We are back yet again for all our ice-cream lovers with a brand that will satiate your taste buds, that too without being too concerned on the health part with healthy flavours and natural ingredients.

Brand Deets :

Artiste is one of its kind of ice cream made in India wherein they have replaced white/processed sugar from each of their ice creams with natural sweeteners like that of Honey & Jaggery. The USP of the brand is to use only natural ingredients for the consumers to have a delightful experience without taking away the health part. have recently launched their outlet in Galleria Market (Plant Based) range as well in our Parlors – Sector 42-43 Rapid Metro Station & Central Plaza Mall made of jaggery.

Artiste – provide their consumers with a product offering & using the best, choicest ingredients and handcrafting their ice cream with care. They are away from the bandwagon of commercial ice creams and are handcrafting the ice creams with a healthy balance of wholesome.

Here are the key points of what makes them apart :

ARTISTE is the first ice-cream brand in India which has substituted processed white sugar with Honey and Jaggery.
While taking away all the minuses that come with adding processed white sugar, Honey and Jaggery are a good source of antioxidants and aid in digestion and immune system.

Natural Ingredients :

ARTISTE using handpicked, freshly sourced, authentic natural ingredients. Each batch is handcrafted with utmost care instead of large-scale conveyer belt like processing to get the best, creamiest, most wholesome and healthful product the consumer. They do not add any color or flavoring to the ice creams. The fruit/ingredient content gives out the natural nutrients and unadulterated taste and texture to the ice creams.

About Packaging :

Eco-Friendly Packaging: They proudly came up with this, one of the wonderful products at hand we wanted to keep the natural vibe and be good to our planet and its needs. We opted for complete paper packaging. Their tubs, bar sleeves, Bar mono cartons, secondary packaging, straws being used in parlors are all made of recyclable paper. We use traditional wooden spoons as giveaway cutlery instead of plastic ones. We are sourcing papers from the mill which plants twice the trees they cut to make paper.

You can place your orders straight from their site which is https://www.artistes.in/, also from Zomato, and swiggy

They have their outlets in cental market, rapid metro sector 42-43 golf course road and now in Galleria Market as well.

They are also avialable on stores like Modern bazaars.

A special thanks to Mr Raj Gulia for helping us to come together with the story at the oddest hours.

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