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Best safety and security measures & precautions all should know in F&B business.

by Deepti

The people of the world are modernizing with great pace, modernization is accompanied by lots of work, social gatherings, parties, etc. In balancing all work and to save time people prefer to organize their official meetings, family get together and many more things in restaurants or hotels. So, it’s the prior responsibility of F&B industries to take care of all the people by adapting the best safety, security, and precautionary measures. Their responsibility is increased due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

Below are some safety, security, and precautionary measures all should know in F&B business.

Hygiene measures

Pest control: This is the most important safety measure all F&B businesses should adopt. Pest infestation by cockroaches and flies can pollute the food ingredients and cooked food.

Customer’s washroom: The washroom is among the vital facility that must be available in restaurants, but it’s also a highly infectious place. Hence, the place should be properly and regularly cleaned maintaining good ventilation in the washrooms.

Hand sanitizers: Hand sanitizers should be provided for both staff and customers. Staff should take special care of sanitization by frequently sanitizing their hands while dealing with foods.

Cleaning surfaces: Cleaning surfaces using disinfect is an essential step to follow by F&B industries, and due to the wake of coronavirus, this plays a crucial role in reducing the impact of coronavirus. Therefore, the surface must be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

Food packaging: As per the report, it’s stated that coronavirus lives on surfaces of materials. So, the person handling the food packaging task should maintain proper hygiene.

Food Safety.

Use clean water and fresh raw material: The F&B industry should pay special attention to the water and raw material used for preparing foods. The water used for cooking should be purified and the raw material must be cleaned thoroughly before using it. Another important factor is to avoid using products that cross the expiry date.

Cook food thoroughly: The food especially meats should be cooked thoroughly. It’s better to boil soups and stews till it reaches 70 degrees Celsius, it’s better to use a thermometer. For preparing meats keep in mind that the meat sap/broth must be clear and not pink in color.

These are a few points that everyone involved in the F&B business should be aware of. They should follow all the safety, security, and precautionary measures to protect people. It will also help them to build goodwill for the business.

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