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Choose the perfect pencil skirt for your shape

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pencil skirts
Rihanna like always looking stunning in 
this shinning leather pencil skirt,making a 
perfect style statement.

Pencil skirts is a fit-slim skirt with a narrow cutting,they were invented by Christian Dior in the 1940s, they are one of the sexiest skirts and must have ones for your wardrobe,a skirt which can make a woman look sober and extremely sexy are pencil skirts ,these skirts are very feminine and hot and definitely deserves to be in everyone’s wardrobe.

While people may thing its only for slimmer and for fit women but let me tell you its not at all true women having different bodies and shapes can wear it with all the grace and right styling that comes only with wise choices of picking up the right pencil skirt, keeping in mind the length of the skirt as there are three types of length, the knee, above the knee and below the knee length,petite woman should not go for the much longer ones as that will make them look even shorter,the knee-length with tucked shirt or top anything would do a perfect job with them. 

Depending on the occasion you are buying for as they simply work for all the occasions, the colors,fabrics silhouette,leather,lace,cotton,chiffon,denim and many more are there its about which one you can go for as per the  choices and most importantly how much comfortable exactly the skirt is for you.

On the other hand, Pencil skirts works incredibly for both the seasons and wearing them in the winter is a great option with different types of jackets, sweatshirts,blazers,hats styling the pencil skirts with the suits, wearing it with crop tops,with cool tee graphics and shirts would definately look happening,if you are going for the shirts try to wear them on formals,the shirts and pencil skirts are great for formal meetings.

Wearing over-all suit make sure that you do fairness to it by taking up the right one.Printed suits are very much in and they are quite cool and colourful, choose the right prints for yourself which should totally look elegant and sexy.

pencil skirts

The flirty Crop tops either printed ones,the high necks or the simple ones are best paired with pencil skirts ,as i find there is some kind of uniqueness and sexiness in the whole look wearing them with cool tees with different styles of graphics are quite young and playful. Keeping it very simply is the first way to carry it successfully.Taking up the right pair of heels,the flats or even the shoes,less hand accessories with light jewellery would work best for the outfit.

pencil skirts
lucy watson kept it simple and sober she’s looking absolutely
sexy and sensual.

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