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Follow a right diet not a fad one

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Urban people are at a greater health risk than ever,India is home to not only of world’s fastest growing population but also one at an ever increasing health risk.Changes in lifestyle is very important.Genetically Indians are at a greater risk for cardiac illness a new research says that the way our body store fat in our abnormal region puts us at an increased risk for diabetics and obesity as well.
The problem is compounded by the peculiar realities of india,we simply do not have the adequate health infrastructure in place to deal with the epidemic that seems to be on horizon.Here’s a certain irony to the fact that in india obesity largely the result of over-consumption of food’s becoming increasingly common even as malnutrition and grinding poverty resulting in severe lack of food remain as common as ever.So,very few people gets to eat and the other overeats to the point that it becomes a disease.
Sedentry lifestyle coupled with increased consumption of unhealthy processed foods,which have flooded the market and seduced the consumer with their convenience explains why world’s overweight rates increased.Dieting never helps,crash diet,fad diets starve and sweet diets,most of us have tried one of the other diet.Everday we get to know the perfect diet that is guaranteed to make you lose weight.
right dieting

The truth is every time we go on a diet we actually increase the chances of weight gain in the long term and invites a whole host of health problems.This is how it works  diet-loseweight-regain weight.Think what will happen when this cycle has gone on for a few years?.The body heads towards obesity,yes on-off dieting can actually be the cause of obesity.Especially of these cycles repeated during the teen years.Chronic dieting has a severe and lasting impact on your body.Repeated crash dieting means the metabolic functioning of your body is destabilized and eventually altered.Learn to cut out the unnecessary calories and food that are a part of your daily food intake and try to put some efforts by adding the exercise part to achieve the body of your dreams.

right dieting

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