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How to pick a right blazer for yourself

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As we all know winters are around the corner,the most phenomenal outfit in which you can make your whole winter look rock are by sexy and different types of blazers.They are more considered to be formal and mostly worn by men.But i think since the women and girls have started wearing blazers,whether in formals or casuals they have totally stole the show with all the hottness and elegance.The trend have been started with official men look and now it has been back with more different varieties for men,women both.

There too many unique types of blazers such as classic,modern,belted, short-fitted ones,boyfriend’s type,military ones and others,i am sure in future we would definately be seeing some other styles and different types of blazer as the trend of wearing blazers will never be out of fashion because its very versatile and extremely sexy.We can style them wearing with cool clothes,the ones which i personally love wearing are those moderns,boyfriend’s style and short-fitted.So lets start with the modern one’s.

Moderns are loved by all the women of all ages.

Modern blazers are very fitted and kind of give more corporate look but i consider them as semi-formals as I love them because of the fact that they could be worn by anyone anywhere. Women who wants to dress up and finds a little difficulty in what to wear for the meetings and business official looks should go for these blazers because of the fit and shape, which comes with all the sexiness and elegance.This could be wore with nice fitted jeans or leggings and with printed pants as well,it will give you a tremendous shape.

Loose trousers could also be a good option,the combination of loose and fitted would do a great job with your look.You can style them with beautiful scarfs or stoles also which comes in various different fabrics like chiffon,woolen,printed and geometrical designs and with crazy sunglasses of many different colors like,pink,blue,red and peach etc and with a sexy pair of boots that could go with your outfit.


Boyfriend’s stylelook.
Boyfriend style blazers are very cool and funky with a little flirtious-look.The thing which i really love about this trend is they are very stylish in more of a casual way.Styling it with a simple denim jeans and with pumps or wearing it with dress with a nice pair of ankle boots would look great.Girls who love wearing casuals and lose clothes should definately give a try to this trend.


Short-fitted Blazers.
These short-fitted ones can go with all the three looks ,the casual,formal and party look,when you go for formal dont go for too short ones,too much of short will obviously not look good in office.I like the printed version of them because its very unqiue and pretty.You can accessorize them with jeans,pants,trousers,pencil skirts,shorts and with anything you love.Their effortless style makes them very classy and fashionable.

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