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Make a statement with suits this fall

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Blazers suits are one of my personal favourite staple in winters,the best way you could style them is opting for an absolutely new look.Whenever we talk about suits,the first word that stuck our mind are the formal apparels.There are plenty of different type of suits for women-the deep neck short suits,the crisp button down,the simple ones with loose fitted trousers.Each suit has its own different type of silhouettes,fabrics and off-course latest different prints that we can go for.The history of suits are little towards menswear and they are more likely to be formal apparels but as i see it now,it has became the trend in women’s wear in all the types casuals,professional,semi formal and others categories.We just got to give a personal spin to our style in autumns.So lets take a look on to these amazing suits,which are more versatile and fascinating.

Make a style statement with Blazer suits in winter

The colourful suits have been worn a lot this season,its the colors and the silhouettes that matters the most when you are going for these.There are lot many beautiful prints that you can go for like vibrant florals,stylish monochromatic,sophisticated checks,geometrics and many other wonderful prints.Just make sure that you go with the right one,that suits your body type and not with the wrong ones which could make you look flabby.

Remember to wear something simple and effective underneath like knitwear cropped size sweater or nothing which ever way it completes your style.The same way Cara Delevingne and Liberty Ross did with their looks,seen making a super stylish statement in blazer suits.

Liberty Ross choose a tremendous black-white geometrical cropped blazer suit-pant,she did look really gorgeous in the outfit with a pair of black pump heels.Cara appeared marvellously in Toronto International Film Festival in a stunning slate-blue suit wearing a lace top underneath with a pair of cool leather sneakers on Day 2 in variety Studio and she has always been amazing with suits.

Make a style statement with Blazer suits in winter

The suits are great alternative to the dresses and gowns in winter,they can give you the million-dollar look if you go with the right one.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently spotted in an extra-ordinary tailored grey trouser-suit,which looked enormously smoking hot on her and yet very classy.Gwyneth Paltrow paired up with the perfect blacks boots and with a pretty red tote went fabulously with the whole look.The Oscar winning actress beautifully balanced her look in suit.Gwyneth very well styled the suit look for the winter and she’s a great example though.


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