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New York fashion week spring 2015

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The Mercedes Benz New York fashion week spring/summer 2015 were held at Lincoln Center from Sept 4-11.The designers,models and all the fashion addict people were their to make the fashion week rocking and to enjoy the coming year’s spring collection.Carolina Herrara showcased her collection in New York fashion week spring 2015 which was purely about Femininity and her exceptional style which she’s famous for.She’s one of the most experienced and extremely talented Designers we have in the fashion world.Carolina’s Spring collection was mainly about pretty Flower motifs,graphic Monochrome designs,floral designs,beautiful textures of colors which was being used very well.

Her idealistic style of being contemporary this spring season was really phenomenal.Whether its the Mini dresses,knee-length skirts with little over sized-cropped tops,Maxi gowns,all the masterpieces are exactly the perfect outfits for the spring season in which the right colors were used.We surely be seeing some beautiful and elegant women wearing these classy spring outfits.


Jenny Packham unveiled her latest collection in New York fashion week spring 2015 which showed her love for effeminateness and stunned everyone with her elegance sense of style.The show started off with pinkish tones colors being used in beautiful straight gowns with some feather prints used on it.
Her collection impressed us with her amazing work and creativity which she does every time with her outfits and also left us with the great options of wearing different types of prettiest outfits for various occasions.My personal favorite was the blue shade ones,the jumpsuits,straight gowns they were super stylish extremely fabulous and classic outfits i have seen so far.We loved her spring collection it resembled the work of flawless and a creative Designer.
New york fashion week spring 2015
New york fashion week spring 2015
New york fashion week spring 2015
Marc Azria was amazingly great with his spring/summer collection.He managed to showcase the most brilliant outifts.Marc maintained the balance between the dark colors and different patterns which was more on the side of monochromatic designs.His sense of style and designs are extremely effective on the ramp.The short dresses were sensually hot,the gowns were beautiful and the cropped-fitted pants were more fun and sparkling.We are sure to see these masterpieces again on beautiful ladies.
New york fashion week spring 2015

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