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Three sexy edgy shirt look

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A shirt is a stylish piece of apparel,that suits both women and men in every sense of style.There’s been a lot of variations in the fashion scenario of how we can style the different types of shirts.Lets start with check shirts.1. Check shirts
Checked shirts were introduced in 80s and the trend is back with more varieties and styles.They were originally designed for men as it been getting popular in fashion for the people of all age,women have started wearing it in very cool and amazing style.In my opinion its probably one of casual high street fashion look which are best paired with denim ripped jeans,shorts,pencil skirts or a tight solid pants.Kristen Stewart spotted wearing check shirts and she’s been rocking them as casual apparels,Chery Cole,Super-Model Cara Delevingne,Jennifer lopez,Megan Fox all these beautiful and gorgeous ladies making the checks as one of the special places in their wardrobe staples as its a must for casual outfits.

Three sexy edgy shirt looks
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2.Denim shirts
Denim shirts are timeless and ultimate pieces that everybody should own in their closets and one of the glam-gorge apparels in the fashion world.Denims are every season’s type of shirt,whether
you wear it in the over-sized Boyfriend style shirt look or in the girly-like style,both are absolutely phenomenal.The way its been worn from 80s is very ironic and inspirational,the double denim
look can be very good option,if you’re going for denim looks.

Jennifer Lopez recently spotted in the super hot lady-like denim shirt with the great combination of denim jeans with a sexy pair of nude pump heels,Jelo is a perfect example of how to wear Denims with classic and elegance.

Three sexy edgy shirt looks
Three sexy edgy shirt looks

3.Monochrome shirts
Monochrome shirts are very much in this season,they are mostly considered as fabulous formal and official looks but they could also be styled as casual clothes.The black and whites and the nudes are best colors which could be greatly paired with amazing monochrome designs,the high-necks or full-neck monochrome shirts are very beautiful and flawless with lace fabrics.In winters Monochromes shirts are best combined with classic Blazers or boyfriend’s style one,a nice pair of printed pants or simple jeans and with funky wedged-shoes would be great.

Victoria Beckham is undoubtedly tremendous and perfect for the monochrome shirts,the way she
handles and wear them is very unique and classy.VB is simply mesmerizing with these monochromes.

Three sexy edgy shirt looks


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