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Three things which will make you wear skirts again

by Deepti

Remember those childhood days when we used to wear that little short skirts or the knee-length ones,some of us still wear it and some left it because of the reasons” we are kind of overweight or its too short to wear it now or any other.So here’s my next article about three things which will make you wear skirts again,Skirts are one of those outfits which are so feminine yet so casual and classy.

Whenever I talk about skirts there are always many thoughts and opinions about wearing them with what as i have been wearing and loving it since my childhood and i am sure many girls out there love wearing it too.In recent time,I think the sense of wearing a skirt has been changed and it has been exceptionally modified into many different styles.There is lot many options for all the girls and women as well to choose a right skirt for yourself.

1. Wrap skirts are must haves.
One of the skirts which i am totally in love with this season are wraps they are very stylish and fashionable skirts whether its in the short,fitted knee-length or the long ones they have been making an extra-ordinary fashion style statement.The way it has been designed the cuts,the shape its completely amazing and the best part about wraps are you can wrap them as they way you want to,take the fabric and do it your way.Interestingly it looks amazing in all the types of fabrics the cotton,leather and the velvet all.
I think short wrap suits more to slim women and the ones who are on the skinner size or straight ones.People who are little healthier and dont wanna go with the short ones can always have the best option to go with fitted or lose knee-length ones and the long wraps as well they are more beautiful and sexier.You can also wear wraps in the winter with cool jackets,blazers or sweatshirts wearing it with black tights and with a wedged-boots will really well with the look.


2. Circle Skirts For all of us.
Circle skirts were introduced in 1950s by Christian Dior,they are getting much more popular and appreciated in today’s time they were quite unique and very different from the skirts we usually look for.Its a rounded skirt with lots of pleats in it,fitted from the waistline and lose from the butt part.And Yes,its been designed this way that all you ladies can go with it no matter whats the size,the length will definately be helping and covering up that part.

The best part about them is they are extremely phenomenal with all three lengths short one, knee-length and long circle skirt.I think they are best suited in the floral and printed fabrics the most.They are great paired up with the little flirty crops tops and with long cool and funky shirts with long circle ones and its very stylish wearing with wedges and pumps.So,its a big yes to circle skirts for all the sizes and shapes.


3. Go all long with maxi skirts.
Long maxi skirts are not only in this season but also making an stupendous appearance everywhere with its very elegant and incredibly sexy looks.You dont have to worry about the sizes and all because it has different patterns like full flares and straight ones too.We can wear them as a high-waisted long skirt with a stylish crop top,swing vest,tank  top,ganjis and bralette tops would work fabulously with it.
Make sure that its not too long to not to be able to walk-in or too much tight for you,as that would look very clumsy make sure that its totally comfortable for your shape.They are really good for the winters also as they are long and can be worn with with shrugs,jackets and sweatshirts.Accessorizing them with neck jewelries will add more fun to the outfit.



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