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Three ways always remember while wearing dresses

by Deepti
Whenever it comes to dresses,usually the first word comes in my mind is perfectly gorgeous a dress should be for the one’s style and body.There are way many variety of dresses we have such as short dresses,mid-calf,cutouts,maxi dresses,those long backless evening gowns and few others.My personal favorites are those short skater cocktail ones,and long gowns which is certainly the most sensual and hottest outfits a woman could dress up in.
There are lots of different categories in these short dresses like skaters,asymmetric,peplum, bodycons and off-shoulder ones.My forever love for LBD and short dress will never going to end whether its in bodycons,off shoulders or skaters.Now,the main thing comes on to how to wear it in a rocking and “hot n happening” style to steal the show.
All the beautiful ladies out there wear anything which you love and whatever you think suits you the best, but just remember to keep ur look simple and classy with all the confidence you can put in the look and with few ways of how to wear it and when.
1.For the Nightout look
Whenever you going for the evening look always remember the occasion you are getting ready for if you are going, for a formal party meeting then in my opinion bodycon dresses are just so perfect for them,though its amazing for the other themes too.And if its a New year eve,friend’s birthday or any other cocktail party look,go for those shimmer shining beautiful  skater dresses even if they are cutout or off-shoulders or in a mid-calf length or short one,they would definitely look pretty in either ways.
party dresses

2.The Day Outfit
So the day outfit could be a shopping day with ur bestmate’s,those amazing special days at the college or any hangout ,skaters are made for them as they are not only comfortable to wear but also very sexy and feminine and the strips are also very casual and stylish in mid-calf length.My most favourite are the hottest than ever laces which are specially designed to show one’s curves beautifully,laces are the one fabric which could go with all the types of dresses and for all the different kind of occasions.


day look dresses

3.The Winter look
One of the  first reason why some of us stop wearing our most favorite outfits because of the winter.Here’s some of the tips of how to wear our most beautiful dress in the winter.Whenever you have a little confusion or a doubt about which dress to wear in the winter,remember to choose a warm kind of dresses velvets,woolen or leather anything so that you could feel pretty and safer at the same time.
Under the dress you can wear a cool funky tights according to the color of the dress, but i guess those black funky prints tights are best going with all the types of dress.Accessorizing your day look with cute big hats,ankle-boots,wedges or those amazing lovely sneakers.Wearing shrugs,jackets ,sweatshirts with dresses,tights and scarfs/stoles are very stylish and hot for the winters.For the night look,people can go for nice blazers,tote bags,a sexy pair of stilettos,pumps with simple neck and hand accessories will add more hottness to the look.


winter dresses


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